The SuperPharm Pharmacist

The Role of the Pharmacist

  • The Pharmacist is an integral member of your health care team and helps to provide adequate, effective and dynamic pharmaceutical care to the patient.
  • Here at SuperPharm, the Pharmacist takes patient-centered pharmaceutical care to a new level. We are an integral member of the Patient-Pharmacist-Physician triad.
  • We ensure that ALL of our patients are given the best service possible.
  • Pharmacists play an important role in the community health care web. They work closely with your General Practitioner or Specialist to ensure you are taking the correct medication and to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  • Your Pharmacist is your medication specialist and is here to ensure that you obtain the best therapeutic outcomes from your medications.
  • Pharmacists are highly trained experts in drug use, storage, disposal and formulation. They can tell you what your medicines do, how much to take, the best time to take them and any possible interactions and explain it in simple terms.

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You can count on us for...

The most stringent quality assurance protocols

Explaining the use of your meds

Advice on the proper storage of your drugs

Counsel on the best OTC medication for your condition


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  • Limited Assortment of Home Health Care Needs